About Me

My name is Jemma and as a child I performed in Poetry competitions and developed a love of all arts and crafts.

I started making Jewellery a few years ago, but in 2023, I rediscovered my love of creating items that I loved to wear and have been back making pieces ever since. 

Although I have written throughout my adult life, I re-found my love of Poetry in the first Covid lockdown and it saved me when I couldn't find the words to express how I felt about being Pregnant during that time. It was such a strange experience for my first pregnancy and it felt like a secret! I had so many feelings, writing letters to my unborn child and poems about how I felt, made me feel at peace in an otherwise crazy world. My writing came into it's own again when my little girl spent a short time in the NICU at Gloucester Royal Hospital and it saw me through those tough 2am feeds and sleepless nights.

I craft all my poems from scratch and just like my Jewellery, I put a part of myself into them too.